best time to visit Hong Kong

Know the best time to visit Hong Kong in a year

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Being situates on the ocean side, Hong Kong has an assortment of climate conditions and is exposed to hurricanes too during the stormy season. Hong Kong is situated in the Subtropical area, making it an all year goal. In spite of the fact that summers here are known to be extremely sweltering and muggy and can in a perfect world be stayed away from. Winters here are known to be dry and cool making it the best climate to visit Hong Kong tourist places.

Pre-winter in Hong Kong (September to November)

Temperature: 22 Degrees – 24 Degrees

Climate: It is a superb time to appreciate Hong Kong. The moistness is less and the temperature likewise begins plunging. In October the downpour lessens, the temperature additionally goes down to around 26 degrees and the nighttimes are lovely.

Winter in Hong Kong (December to February)

Temperature: 15 Degrees to 19 Degrees

Climate: The temperatures are marginally fluctuating and the climate is for the most part dry. The temperature doesn’t cross the 20-degree mark in Decembers. In January however, the temperature drops to around 15 degrees centigrade. It is the coldest month here.

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Spring in Hong Kong (March to May)

Temperature: On couple of evening the temperature contacts 28 degrees however the normal temperature extends around 18 degrees.

Climate: Slight shower and foggy mornings make the climate lovely and excellent. Warmth and mugginess are on an ascent in March, however the climate still stays near charming, making it the best season to visit Hong Kong. The temperature goes till 29 degrees centigrade on a couple of days too. May marks the entry of the late spring season in Hong Kong. The temperature reaches up to 31 degrees with the normal going in the high twenties.

Summer in Hong Kong (June to August)

Temperature: 26 degrees to 34 degrees

Climate: This season sees a great deal of downpour and is one of the wettest months. The climate is sticky as well. In spite of the fact that Sun sparkles more during July, this month additionally observes a great deal of downpour. The temperatures can achieve 34 degrees with normal around 26 degrees.