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Do you ever listen to old songs and wonder if the songs of the current generation will ever sound as amazing as the old ones? This is something every middle age person feels like, but me, being a teenager sometimes wonder if it is true that music has somehow lost its initial diversity and meaning. Today the global music industry is worth billions, but as I am calling it an industry, I am also focusing on the fact that it has become a mass producing machine. Music is creativity, self-expression, emotions, and stories coiled up in lyrics and notes. Music needs to be new and it needs to uphold the current trends and structures of society, yet music somehow, is losing its impact because of its pattern of turning creativity into a sheer business.

As I wondered about all of this, I came across an app called Spotify. It is an app where you can listen to your favorite songs online for either a free subscription or a paid premium one. Fortunately, this is an app, which is yet to turn to a mass producing business. The reason for that is app allows newcomers and new artists, to upload their songs in it. If their songs attain recognition and a considerable number of plays, the app plays a revenue to the singer.

But what is more important than the revenue that is paid by the app is the exposure of creative talent. The app has the potential to create artists on a grand scale, the next Beethoven, or maybe the next Freddie Mercury. The app becomes the social platform for creative singers and songwriters to showcase their talent and gain recognition for it thus, increasing the diversity in the music world.


If someone uploads a song that has the capacity to impress, there’s still doubt if it’d ever reach the correct audience. Moreover, it takes quite a lot of time to gain a few followers on this app. But in case the song reaches a proper audience and the reaches a considerable number of plays, the song gets featured more often on the site. To reach this considerable number of plays, one needs to have a good number of followers. With each new play, a musician’s popularity increases.


HOW TO BOOST SPOTIFY PLAYS  If you want to know the way you can boost Spotify plays, the answer is a site called signify. Songlifty is a site that guarantees you a boost in the number of plays within a span of 2-3 days for as little as $4 or more depending upon the number of plays you wish to increase.


Songlifty is a sure shot way to boost Spotify plays over a very small span of time gaining you recognition and popularity.