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Collaborating With Other Instagram Accounts To Gain Followers

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When an Instagram account is just starting out, it can be difficult to accumulate followers. One of the best ways to beat this problem is collaborating with other Instagram accounts and asking them for a follow. This post will help you know how to organize these collaborations, so that you can work with a lot of different engagement methods to grow your instagram followers exponentially.

What are some great ways to collaborate?

  1. One-time Collaborations

In one-time collaborations, you offer something in return for their following your account. What you can offer isn’t very important, it can be a discount, a coupon code, something that benefits their followers or whatever you’d find helpful.

  1. Recurring Collaborations

In recurring collaborations, you and the other Instagram account agree to offer an opportunity for both accounts to gain more followers. In this case, you can have the other account offer an incentive for their followers to follow your account.

If you decide to buy instagram views, it’s essential to keep your account active, post regularly and engage with your followers to maintain the momentum and growth of your account.

  1. Monthly Collaborations

In a monthly collaboration, you and the other Instagram account will both send out a post at the same time. For example, in January you can suggest that they send out a post on January 10th and at that time they’ll need to send out one of their own as well.

Why collaborating with other Instagram accounts to gain followers works

When you collaborate with other Instagram accounts, you have the benefit of showing that your account has dedicated followers. This way, when a potential follower is looking at your account, they can see that other people are interested in what you have to offer. When they click through to your profile, they will be more likely to follow you because they’ll see that there’s already people who are following you and it will make them feel more engaged than if it were just a blank page.

How to start a collaboration

First, you’ll want to make a list of every Instagram account that you’d want to collaborate with. You can do this by either looking for similar accounts in an app or just by asking friends if they know anyone with a similar account.

Next, once you have the list of accounts that you’d like to collaborate with, it’s time to start contacting them. You can do so by email, or you can contact them through a phone call or Skype. Once you get in touch with the other account, make sure to ask them if they’re interested in collaborating. Also don’t forget to mention that your Instagram account is brand new and that you only have 200 followers so they won’t be looking at your account very often.

One of the main reasons why collaborations with other Instagram accounts works is that it gives you something to mention when giving them a follow.