A beginner’s guide to widen the audience base on YouTube

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What is YouTube? YouTube is the most visited search engine after Google on the internet. Billions of people across the globe visit YouTube for some or other information. Every minute new channel are beginning to bloom and more and more people are driven towards this visually appealing medium. A visual medium is always a winner in comparison to others. Innumerable channels showcasing videos on unlimited topics flood the YouTube platform. Along with the popularity there is this earning potential that makes it more attractive. People can also use this medium to improve and expand their business.

Tips to increase views:

First and foremost a good introduction about the channel is very important. If it is a channel related to teaching, then a good introduction about the teacher’s qualifications and experience and the purpose of starting the channel as also the content that is intended to be conveyed must be given.

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  • Always try to provide quality content. In a haste to increase the numbers of views avoid more number of videos with no useful content. Analyze the purpose of the channel carefully and upload videos accordingly.
  • Even though ads are essential to keep you in business do not overdo. Do not bombard the channel with many ads or it may curtail the interest of the viewer and he may consider leaving.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Make sure the videos are not too long. Use editing tools to give good visually appealing content. For example if it is a channel related to beauty tips try to include practical videos like how to do make-up, how to do manicure etc instead of just orally giving instructions.
  • Share your videos on social media. Also request your viewers to share your video. This way it will catch the attention of many people and would increase the subscriber base.
  • Conduct question and answer sessions and try to respond to viewer’s queries. This way the viewer’s feel personally connected to your channel. They would also consider recommending your videos to others.
  • You can also buy and get youtube views from authentic websites. However, keep updating the viewers through the community tab of any changes, any new inclusions or any breaks that you intend to take. This will keep them committed to come back to the channel.
  • Reward your viewer: If you are promoting your boutique through YouTube try offering in store or online discounts. This is a great way of promoting your channel and achieving views.