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Buying a new property? Check the Additional features first

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The presence of unique features makes the difference in choice. To distinguish the new property launch from the rest, there are several new features added by contractors. There may be a swimming pool, play area for kids, exclusive walking track, gymnasium, clubhouses for parties, manicured lawns, tennis courts, supermarkets, etc. These are preferred by many as they don’t have to go in search of each of these after a tiring day at work. When you find that construction has special features and that too in your preferred location, it is easy for you to go ahead with it.

Floor plan and evacuation plan: The floor plan lets you know of the space available for each of the rooms. This can be tailor-made according to your needs in some cases. But many builders have their way of allocating room space and you cannot get the required space here. The evacuation plan is also important to be considered. In case of any emergency, each floor should have a plan in place so that the residents can easily find their way out to safety. All these must be displayed on the floors also. Choosing a higher floor is a risk when it comes to any emergency.

Security: Your condo unit should be a safe place to live in. For this, you should determine the security in place at the location. Check if surveillance cameras are available, security personnel should be available round the clock, access should be restricted to people other than those living, etc. To have a peaceful living, you should ensure that security is in place.