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Registration of Muslim Marriage in Singapore

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In this article, you will find about the solemnization and registration of muslim marriage Singapore.

Here it is also explained about various types of marriage which are available for Muslim couples.

Two Muslims would not be able to marry under civil law. Muslim couples are needed to register for their marriage under the Muslim law and Registry of Muslim Marriages.

Eligibility Criteria for Registering the Muslim Marriage in Singapore

For registering the Muslim marriage in Singapore both the spouse muse be:

  • 18 years and above old. The minors who are under 21 years should complete the Marriage Preparation Programmed and obtain the guardian/parental consent before registering the marriage.
  • Must be Muslim
  • The couple should be heterosexual, same-sex marriage is not permitted.
  • Either a permanent resident or Singapore Citizen

Who are not eligible to apply for Muslim marriage?

Muslim marriages are only available for the Muslim groom and bride. So, the non-Muslim would not be able to apply for Muslim marriage.

In addition to that, the saudara Baru means the person who has converted to Muslim under the Muslim convert rules and wishes to accept the Muslim religion but still has not got the permanent conversion certificate will not be able to apply for the Muslim marriage. They will able to do marriage under Muslim law only after they have obtained the permanent conversion certificate.

Inter-faith Marriage

A Muslim marriage is available only to the Muslim groom and bride. So inter-faith marriage cannot be registered under Muslim marriage law.