Canadian immigration lawyers in Vancouver

Is law above people or are people above law?

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To be honest there is no right or wrong answer to this question, but one thing should always be kept in mind that laws were made for the betterment of people. Rules have been put in place so that people can live harmoniously and if in case things do not go in the right direction, then law and people working for law (lawyers) can come to the rescue of the citizens in need. Canadian immigration lawyers in Vancouver and different types of lawyers are getting recognized for their work now. In earlier times law and it’s importance was not widely understood by everyone.

Today even a common man knows his rights and responsibilities as a citizen well enough to know when injustice is taking place around or with him/her.

Brief about the top 3 Canadian lawyers in Vancouver.

  • Ian Goldman.
    • He has his own firm known as Goldman associates. He is the managing director there and has been in this field for 27 years now.
    • His graduation has been done from the University of British Columbia and he was finally able to get his law degree in the year 1992. Later on he was admitted to the British Columbian bar in the year 1993.
    • He has done his specialization in the following areas- Permanent Residency Visa in Canada, Express Entry, Labor Market Impact Assessments, Citizenship, Family Visa, Student Visa, Foreign Workers, Skilled Worker Visa & Foreign Trades Worker Visas.
  • Joshua Slayen.
    • Now Joshua is an immigration lawyer who is based in Vancouver and has been providing individual people and corporate clients with his best services.
    • He has his own legal firm in Vancouver as well as various other offices in different states.
    • He has a team of lawyers with who he works closely to obtain the best innovative solutions to their clients problems.
    • His specialty is in – Permanent Resident Card Applications and Renewals, Study Permits, Admissibility Hearings, Visitor Visas for Tourists, Skilled and Semi-Skilled Worker Programs, Citizenship Applications, Business Visitors and Parents, Detention Review Hearings, Visa-Exempt Entry to Canada & Citizenship Appeals.