Your Hair Is Alive with Keratin

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For women, a bad hair day is a bad day. But, what makes a bad hair is a hair that lacks the nurturing that it deserves as every woman’s crowning glory. You can avoid the bad hair day if you have a strong, beautiful, and radiant hair. How is it possible?

Achieving a strong, beautiful, and radiant hair does not only need hair care tips or hair care products. It also requires knowing what makes up the hair. Wait. Did you come across with the word “KERATIN”?

What is Keratin?

Hair contains water, lipids, water, and traces of minerals and melanin. Its main component, however, is keratin. Keratin is a protein formed by the chemical combination of 18 amino acids. One of these amino acids is cysteine, which is rich in sulfur. It also plays an important role in hair cohesion. Keratin fiber protein is water – soluble. It is produced in the hairpin and serves as the main component of human hair and serves to nurture it as well.

Keratin’s Way

If too few keratins are produced, or if your hair is exposed to low humidity and heat, your hair is weakened and can die due to insufficient keratin. The keratins give the hair elasticity and structure. The keratin fibers encapsulate the marrow cells of the hair, that is, the hair markers, creating a keratin fiber structure that surrounds the hair cells, which results in a tight, protective layer for each individual hair. This makes the hair elastic, smooth, and beautifully shiny.

The Keratin Effect

Keratin is used in hair care because of its natural compatibility with the hair. The cross – linking structure of keratin positively impacts the hair. Keratin and its structural composition gives hair the firmness, elasticity, and smoothness. Keratin, as a kind of protein, encapsulates the hair with its own fiber structure. This gives the hair protection. It is through this that nutrients get directly to the follicles. In addition, the fiber structure does not only create smooth hair, but also creates a protective layer that reflects the light better and makes the hairshine even better.

Treat Your Hair Well

Your hair deserves nothing but the best. The use of shampoos with keratin provides every woman the opportunity to indulge in hair care. However, it should be made as a caution that only silicone – free keratin shampoo should be used. Silicone coats your hair but eventually kills it. Your crowning glory does not deserve to be killed. It should reflect how you have made every effort to keep it smooth, shiny, and healthy.

Haircare is a word every woman is familiar with. But of course, it is more important that you can entrust the care of your hair to quality haircare products. That’s what we give you. Keratinshampoos has dedicated its years of existence to make your hair feel loved and nurtured. Each of our products reflect it. What are you waiting for? We have our free product testing.