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Importance of nurses in healthcare

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There is no doubt that nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. There are many different roles of nurses in the healthcare department but the primary function them is to take of the patient and support them in recovery. The people who love to take care of others can opt for nursing jobs in singapore. Let us see some more roles of the nurses.

  • Patient care: The nurse takes care of the all needs of a patient. The nurse also monitors the patient’s improvement and maintains the record accordingly. Bases on the development of the patient’s health the nurse makes necessary decisions and in sort, they are responsible for the complete care of the patients.
  • Patient advocacy: For any nurse their patients should be the priority and the nurse should advocate for the patient and make sure to maintain the dignity of any patient. It is the nurse’s responsibility to look into what is best for the patient as the patient may not be able to take the decisions by themselves. They should make the patient feel so comfortable that they must be able to seek any help related to their health.
  • Planning of care: The nurses should be able to assess each patient so that they can inform the doctors or specialists about the symptoms of the patients. The doctors usually take the final decision of the treatment but the nurses are the ones who have to help the team to provide the correct health treatment for the patient.
  • Patent education and support: The nurse is the one who has to ensure that the patient understands their health condition completely and once they are discharged what all steps they have to follow for complete recovery. The nurses have to educate even the family members of the patient so that they can give the proper care to the patient after discharge.


Hope the above information is useful for you and gives you enough information about the different roles of the nurse.