Back pain: reasons behind and treatment

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A prevalent and painful disorder that affects the lower spine. Injury to muscle tissue or ligament can cause lower back pain. Improper lifting, bad posture, a lack of physical activity, fractures, a ruptured disc, or arthritis are all common reasons. It is a very usual issue and over 64% of the people over the globe face this issue at one point in time or the other.

The treatment consists of:

Self-carelower back pain treatment singapore are helpful for the first 72 hours of the pain. One can try icing the lower back for the first 48 hours, and if that does not improve the pain, they can switch to hearing for the next 24 hours after which seeing a doctor is

Therapies– after the doctor has diagnosed the reason behind the pain, he will write a course of treatment which may include medication, exercises, physical therapy, stretching massage, medicinal drugs.

Medical procedures– surgeries is the last resort. If none of the above treatments seems to work, one needs to get surgery as early as possible to get the best chances of a quick recovery.

When does one need which depends on the severity of the pain and how long it has been there for? The medical practitioner will determine the best and safest way to cure or keep the pain in check. So make sure to consult a doctor before making any huge decisions.