The unknown benefits of extra long toothpicks

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Normally, when somebody hears the word extra long toothpick, they instantly think of their teeth. Yes, toothpicks have been around for many years now, primarily for removing any unwanted residue from the gaps of our teeth that our tongues normally cannot reach. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye with these little items. There are many uses for a toothpick if one can think outside the box. This is especially true if you use extra-long toothpicks. So why wait?

Let’s get straight into it:-


If you have a passion for growing plants in your garden you must be well aware of the fact that during the early days of a plant’s life, they are very vulnerable to pests and insects such as a caterpillar. Using a toothpick can help form a protective barrier around these plants and thus allows them to grow without any type of hindrance. Additional6, toothpicks can also be used to support broken branches by helping them stay upright.


Believe it or not, you can paint using the right toothpick. To be more precise, you can add finishing touches of paint using the right toothpick. Say, you have a piece of furniture that has a tiny scratch that damages the paint. You can fill in the scratch by using a toothpick to paint over it. Handy, right?


Usually, dust and dirt are pretty easy to spot and clean using normal cleaning objects such as brooms. However, what if you wanted to take out the dirt from in-between tiny areas or hard to reach spots. These spots may include the buttons on your remote or even your hair comb. To remove such minute dirt, a toothpick will always be useful.

Prevent food from rolling:

Sausages and hot dogs are delicious snacks and fun to cook but only if they are cooked right. Oftentimes, these sausages or hot dogs tend to roll around the grill and this leads to them being cooked very unevenly. By using a toothpick to keep them on the same level, you can ensure that you cook food that is proper and tasty.

It’s quite surprising to see how much one can do with simple extra-long toothpicks right?