Some common mistakes to be avoided when planning a sunroom

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A sunroom that is going to add charm to your already beautiful home must be properly designed and constructed. To add a sunroom in Ithaca, NY you should try and avoid the following mistakes that are commonly committed.

  • Not complying with the regulations of your zone will be a major mistake when constructing your sunroom. There are certain regulations for construction in every zone that has to be followed. The possibility of building and the structure’s boundary distance have specifications that need to be strictly followed. You also have to seek permission before you begin the work, else you may invite the risk of getting the structure demolished or heavily fined for breach.
  • Not planning your sunroom at the design stage is also another mistake to be avoided. Each property is different and so is each sunroom. You have to speak to your designer so that a proper plan can be arrived at before commencing construction. The sunroom that you add should complement your existing architecture and not stand aloof. A sunroom is considered a functional beauty and if not designed as per the space, the purpose is lost.
  • Setting up your budget is also an important task and not doing so will be an error. There are a variety of materials available at varied costs. During the designing stage, you should come up with your budget and set things straight so that you can get the project done accordingly. Depending on how much you can spend, you can decide on the type of materials to be used.
  • Also, another mistake while talking about cost is to choose a cheaper contract not concentrating on quality. The same also holds good when choosing a higher-priced contract. You have to look at the quality of products used in construction rather than deciding just by the price. It will not give you a clear idea of the quality of construction.
  • Not hiring a reputed contractor and just believing the estimates provided are serious mistakes to be avoided. They can have a great impact on the output where you may end up with a faulty construction.