Shincheonji- the interesting things

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As we all know, South Korea is one of the leading countries in the World. There is always a group of people who are watching to the development of the South Korea. This country also has many interesting things and developments which are highly noticed by the entire world. This article is about one such interesting community in South Korea. This is nothing but Shincheonji. Almost all the people who tend to have great attention towards the Christianity would have known about this Church. Right from the formation of this community in 1984, the member joining this church is keeping on increasing. And currently they are supposed to have more than 200,000 members. This is one of the largest church communities in the world.

The founder

Lee Man-hee is the founder of this community. And he is also a best social activist. He has made various contributions to the country and the people in several means. He has also worked as the army man for certain period and later started this community and took a great responsibility. Obviously he has always acted as a great inspiration for his team.

Kingdom of God

According to the history, it is stated that this church was built by the God. And it took around 6000 years for him to build this church. This is the reason why this place is considered to be the Holy place. And because of this more priests tend to spend more time in serving for this community. There are many people who call this community or church as the Promised Community. The people of this community are also supposed to follow certain strategies in their life. In order to know about these things, their official website can be referred. One can also refer the other online sources to get detailed information about their membership and other related activities.

Social Activities

This community spreads a strong belief among them members that were are supposed to share our love and care with others. This is the reason why each and every member in this community tends to engage them in various social activities. They strongly believe that sharing love with other is serving God. And hence they treat all the people in a kind way. They also often engage them in social activities like Beach cleaning, renovating Neighborhood and in several other social activities. The member of this team has also been highly recognized for their social activities. They have also won great awards and rewards for their social work. It is to be noted that this team have also contributed their work during the pandemic Covid Situation. In order to know about their previous and the upcoming social activities, their official website can be checked.