solidarity event

Important details to organize a solidarity event

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An event is an ideal tool for them to realize, different non-profit organizations (NGOs), foundations or charities, to be able to raise funds or things with a certain objective.

For the organization of a solidarity event, it is important to take into account some points and thus be able to organize it professionally and above all, with transparency.

First of all, it is important that you have a team of people who want to work with the desire to embark on a project to achieve an objective for the good of others since they will do it ad honored.

Raise more money with the merchandise.

Selling merchandise Fundraising website at your event can help you enrich the fundraising efforts. However, selling products also gives you an opportunity to engage and retain your donors later on.

After all, the products are a way for followers to take home a tangible souvenir of your fundraising event and your non-profit organization. Donors are likely to remember your organization when using your products, which can help you keep them after the event.

fundraising event

To ensure that you are selling the most effective merchandise, your products must:

  • Have the logo of your brand. Add the name and logo of your fundraising event or your nonprofit organization to all your merchandise.
  • Practical the products that donors can use in their daily life increase the likelihood of being reminded of their cause. In addition, donors are more likely to use practical products in public places, which can give free advertising to your non-profit organization.
  • Varied Offering different types of products can help you ensure that you will have something that everyone will like.
  • Relevant the products that are related to the theme and tone of your event will be the most effective.

How do these tips look when applied in practice? Let’s see an example.

Let’s say you’re hosting a fundraising event for your school. Sell products that interest both students and graduates and that show the colors of your school, pet, and name, will be recognizable by your assistants. Products such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, hats, and school supplies can be relevant and interesting objects that connect donors with your cause.

As in the previous example, the products are valuable to the donors and are directly related to the cause. This combination can encourage donors to make a purchase and increase their income.

In summary: Merchandise can motivate donors to make contributions to your organization, and the products themselves can promote your non-profit organization after the event.