Get all your answers about Convergent Concrete Technologies – Orem, UT

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Convergent is considered to be an innovation leader in reactive silicate which is the basis of concrete chemistry. Their extreme concern about their goal as well as service fosters in establishing a very genuine and good partnership with every customer.The engineers, owners of the facility, architects as well as contractors of Convergent Concrete Technologies – Orem, UT have earned the trust of their customers by providing unique quality chemical convergent products.

The team of highly experienced professionals provides full support right from the beginning of the sale to the final application. The main headquarters of Convergent Concrete Technologies – Orem, UT is in Orem, Utah. It is one of the leading global companies with incredible manufacturing facilities in the whole of the U.S. as well as Belgium with the distribution facility across the world local markets.

What is the service of such technologies?

The patent technologies of Convergent are widely renowned for their impeccable performance and they have made their place at the forefront of different industries.

Some of their services are enumerated below:-

  1. Nano-Lithium

Nano-Lithium is purely engineered lithium silicate along with higher quality as well as purity of lithium. Due to its potential, it reacts quite effectively with concrete for the formation of calcium silicate hydrate.

#2. Reactive Silicon Hybrid Polymer (SiRE™)

It has a cross linkage with the Nano-Lithium® technology. The unique polymerization of lithium as well as its reactivity helps in creating the best performance which is readily available.

#3. RST

It facilitates the proper curing as well as hardening just in a single application. It was created to meet the specifications of ASTM C-309 which can be removed easily in comparison to alternative forms of film-forming cures. It properly saves money, labour as well as time.

It constitutes resistance for dealing with abrasion as well as staining. It provides repellency of water and resistance from stain. That’s why it’s services is renowned around the globe for it’s quality services.