Everything A Buyer Should Know About Water Softeners

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Water is one of the most important things that our body needs to survive. In this day and age, having easy access to clean and safe-to-drink water is not that easy anymore. There was a time when tap water is safe to drink. But in other parts of the world, it’s not. If you want to have peace of mind when it comes to the water that your family drinks and uses, then you need a water softener Akron.

But what do you know about water softeners? If not much, then this article is definitely for you! Here’s everything that you have to understand about water softeners and why do you need one in your home.

Hard Water and Soft Water: What’s The Difference?


Your water is more than just “water.” Depending on what your water source is, whether from a private well or your municipality supply. Both of these sources can contain “hard” minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water contains hardness minerals because groundwater can dissolve rocks like metals and iron, and some of these particles can travel with water until it reaches your home.

Is hard water bad for you? Well, it can cause build-up that enters your body but also to everything that it gets in contact with like your dishes heating system, and even your appliances. Hardness minerals build-up can cause soap scum and corrode your plumbing. In this case, you will need water softeners. What it does is it removes minerals that would make your life easier.

Soft water, on the other hand, is NOT saltwater. Though, it does contain a minimal amount of sodium because of the ion exchange that happens during the process of removing the hardness minerals.

Water Softener – Why Do You Need One?

Now that you know what a water softener can do, you might still wonder if you need one or not. Some homeowners think that buying a water softener is just a luxury. People living in rural places are not the only ones who need water softeners. If your water source is a well, then there is no doubt that you need a water softener.

Even those who live in the city can also get hard water from their water supply. Yes, your municipality treats your water supply, but remember that they do not take action in removing hardness minerals because technically, these are not harmful. Plenty of modern homes these days rely on soft water.

Take note of soap scum. For example, if the towels that you just washed are stiff, you have hard water issues. Or maybe you cannot quickly achieve a good lather while taking a shower? It would be best if you also had water softeners because your water contains hardness minerals. If you want to prolong the life of your appliances, get a water softener!

In conclusion, yes, you need a water softener, no matter where you are from or what your water source is. Back in the day, there is no way of telling about these hardness minerals. But because of technological advancements, it has been proven that most water sources contain hardness minerals.