Check Out the Best Traditional Fruit Cake in Singapore to Quench Your Crave

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When every big festive season arrives, many get into the spirit and begin searching for the golden treasure of our favorite dish or delicacy. For those of you who adore fruit cake, every Christmas entails making many orders in search of finding one. Birthday treats. Whether it’s a wedding dessert, cheesecake, a cake made of chocolate, or just one piece of cake, here are some sorted and greatest bakeries on the island to bring you the finest cake stores. Don’t worry; the ideal cake does not exist. But if you want to deceive yourself about how many calories you’re ingesting, go ahead.

  1. Tong Heng

If seeking an ancient treasure, Tong Heng shines with its selection of popular classic Chinese desserts. Their crown jewel is its egg tarts, which feature wobbling fillings enclosed in a flaky pastry and traditional fruit cake that’s irresistible.

  1. TiongBahruGalicier Pastry

We’re in Nyonya cake and Kueh bliss at this traditional cake bakery. OndehOndeh is bright green sticky rice dumplings with a melting gula Melaka center, Kuehambon is honeycomb cakes, and LemperUdang is sticky rice rolls packed with chili dried prawns. In addition, the iconic pandan cake, different chiffon cakes, tarts, biscuits, and pastries are available. Divine!

  1. Balmoral Bakery 

This ancient bakery, which started the year Singapore earned freedom, is about memories. Expect classics like pound cake with hand-piped frosting roses, hot chicken and beef tarts, rum ball, cream horns, and traditional fruit cake.

Here you will find some best traditional fruit cake singapore.