Business workflow and processes

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An increasing number of companies are deciding to take part in a business digitization, a phenomenon that can occur through Smart Working. Business processes are automated and carried out by IT systems, while the workflow or Workflow Management is the prerogative of man. This management requires the use of software to maintain the testimony of the work carried out and the automation of part of it how to keep track of real estate leads.

This action is also unavoidable for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), since the resulting advantages are different. Identifying, managing and analyzing business processes through Workflow Management constitutes a combination aimed at optimization and savings, document management which is a fundamental part of Workflow Management has many positive aspects and is achieved through the use of management software documentary, allowing simplicity in the use of data, security in maintaining its integrity, the use of the Cloud to use them on any device, efficient document management, the ability to set up a hierarchy with access permissions and, last but not least, customization .

The workflow breaks down the process into micro-activities called tasks. Workflow Management is responsible for identifying individual tasks and assigning them to the person deemed suitable or managing them from software. In every moment you have the advantage of being able to have the whole process under control. By implementing the workflow with a Web Portal, you can view the tasks that can be eliminated or repetitive. Using drag-and-drop templates, you can easily review the entire process by highlighting the parts you don’t need. This ease of monitoring makes it possible to prevent any critical issues, becoming promptly reactive. Workflow Management allows you to manage not only the data, but also the personnel, assigning tasks in a clear and direct way and guaranteeing the possibility of immediately identifying the manager who caused a stop in the flow.

This flow management can also be used to improve communication between the people and departments involved in a business process because often the simple e-mail does not allow a great fluidity of communication. Plus, each component has a complete view so you can operate without having to shut down someone else’s business.