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Mortal Guide Kombat 11: Tricks, tips and secrets

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Welcome to our Mortal Kombat 11 guide, where we will help you become the best kombatientes of this new fighting game. Click here to use tftelo boosting.

First and foremost: play the tutorial 

The game includes an extensive and very complete Tutorial where you will be taught all its mechanics in a very practical and useful way. This is divided into several sections and although it is recommended that you play them all, at least try to do the “basic notions”. Visit this site to use teamfight tactics elo boost.

Take your time setting up the controls 

The title includes a multitude of options to adjust them to our liking and that the recognition of the commands we enter works in one way or another. If you have problems to perform some techniques, cancel combos with specials or measure the timing of certain attacks, you may find some option that will help you with it and allow you to adapt the game to the way you play.

Try the different characters on the template until you find one with which you feel comfortable and like. Once you find him, focus on improving his equipment to unlock all his skill slots, as they will be very useful to overcome the most complicated Time Towers.

Do not forget to have a good time in Training Mode practicing combos and movements before making the jump to the online multiplayer. Crushing buttons you won’t get far.

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Manage your consumable items with head 

You are going to get lots of them, but they are not always necessary and not all are equally useful for all clashes.

Try to end all the fighting you can with a Brutality

These give more points and hearts than the Fatalities, so they are much more profitable and will allow you to get rewards at a higher rate.

The Story Mode, in addition to being very entertaining and fun, will reward us with a multitude of coins to open chests in the Kripta, so we recommend that it be the first thing you complete . In fact, if you play it you will also unlock Frost and two additional scenarios, so it is very worthwhile.

The skill settings that include the default characters are usually not very practical or useful, so we advise you to spend some time in the editor to create your own profiles of each fighter , manually selecting the set of additional techniques that you like.

Cooperative fighting is very difficult and complicated, and requires a lot of concentration and coordination between the different members of the group to square the relays well. Remember that players who are in the reserve will recover life, so it is not worthwhile to keep fighting if you have suffered some damage and your teammates are 100%.

Take the Kripta very calmly

The game is designed to last for months, so you will have to spend a huge amount of hours in its different ways to get the content of all the chests.