Where can you get Singapore durian delivery?

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Durian is an ancient fruit that is termed as the king of fruits in some places. Although mango is the king of fruits in many parts of the world, durian, its nemesis is also declared as one of the kings. This is because of the fact that it has a sweet pungent yellow fleshy part that is relished by so many people. If we talk about the population of Singapore, where people would even stand for hours in long queues to buy this fruit.Singapore durian delivery can happen if you book durian online, and there are various ways where you can buy durian. Let’s look at some of the techniques to buy durian online in Singapore.

How much is a durian?

About the price of durian, you can understand so many things with this. Make sure that whatever website you are buying durian from should be at par with the market price. Since it is Singapore durian delivery, the price of the durian from the market would be slightly higher because of delivery charges, but there are websites that also deliver free of cost. A Durian has many types, and the golden phoenix is one of the most sought types in Singapore.

As for the golden type, you can get them at about 22 dollars per kilo, and the black gold would be worth around 27 dollars per kilo. The Mao Shan Wang from Pahang is one of the best types, and if you are craving some durian, this is the perfect type for you.