When To Replace and When To Repair Windscreen?

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A damage to your windscreen can occur in two different forms. It can either be a chip or it can be a crack. A chip is a very common thing for windscreens and a point of impact is created by the running debris. A chip can take various shapes depending on what the angle of impact. For example, it can be a bulls-eye which is a circular chip or it can be a half bulls-eye which is in half moon shape. Furthermore, it can be a crack ship, a pit, or a star break. On the other hand, cracks are rather distinctive lines in the glass and the line can measure a few inches to the entire width of the glass. Depending on the damage done and other important other factors discussed below, you need to take the decision and if you are looking for Perth windscreens services, Windscreen Replacement Perth is your one-stop destination.

Factors The Determine The Ultimate Decision –

Whether to repair or replace your windscreen depends on the following factors –

Size Of The Chip Or Crack –

The windscreen repair industry has advanced rapidly and now, chips of the size of a quarter and cracks of the size of three inches can be repaired perfectly. Furthermore, it depends on the ability of the repairing company as well as the location of the chip or damage. It is always a better option to replace your windscreen because even a small damage can affect the windscreen significantly during strong wind or storm and the glass can shatter. But if it is fully repairable, there is no need for replacement as it requires some heavy spending. If you are looking for Perth windscreens experienced experts, you can head over to Windscreen Replacement Perth’s official website and make an appointment.

Depth Of The Chip Or Crack-

The depth of the damage plays an important role in determining whether it should be repaired or replaced. A windscreen is nothing but a layer of plastic protected by two outer layers of glass. If the damaging impact has passed through the first two layers, it is quite serious, a replacement is a better option because it is too deep to repair.

A position of The Chip Or Crack – If the impact point coincides with the line of sight of the driver, it is better to replace it. In locations on the windscreen, where the driver never really looks at like the other corner where the co-passenger sits, it is better to go for a repair.

These days, a windscreen comes with various useful sensors and if they are damaged, you should plan for a replacement than a repair.