Facts You Should Know About P Plate Car Rental Singapore

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The heightened accident risk makes some landlords reluctant to rent to P-Plate drivers (those who have gotten their license within the last year). Let us know about the p plate car rental Singapore.

how to find the perfect car rental

If you’ve never rented a car before, you could become overwhelmed by all the choices presented to you. But it’s not about what you desire but what you need. It would help if you thought about how many people and how much stuff you’ll regularly be transporting. Though it would be tempting to hire a vehicle with the highest maximum capacity available, doing so may not be the best use of your money if you won’t be making many trips with the vehicle. It can hold much stuff but guzzles gas more than the ordinary car.

p plate car rental Singapore

Vehicle insurance

Even though insurance is often included with the rental fee, you should review the insurer’s terms and conditions. Rental agencies often provide a Collision Injury Waiver to reduce customers’ financial responsibility in the case of an accident; nevertheless, you may still be held accountable for specific repair or replacement costs. Also known as “Damage Exceeded,” You might also depend on your current insurance policy. Still, you should double-check that it includes coverage for incidents that may occur in rented vehicles.

Car gas gauge reading

It is common practice for certain rental car agencies to hand you the keys to a vehicle with a full tank of gas, with the expectation that you would return it with an equally full tank. Stop at a gas station for gas and then return to the rental vehicle business. The rental company may charge you for refueling the vehicle if you don’t fill up at the gas station.