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Commercial concept of the theatricality of a place of sale, it will be centered on the customer experience and will actually involve the user by titillating both his senses and his curiosity.

Experiential marketing also uses sensory marketing and immersive marketing. We then speak of experiential events and immersive advertising. Consequently, the consumer becomes an experimenter, in other words, a consumer.

Many brands have understood and build, through the event, a strong and authentic link with its target. From then on, a brand that captures relevance and originality  marketing brand activation Singapore permeates the mind and creates added value by delivering unique customer experiences.

Brand Experience / Customer Experience

It should be noted that any brand experience does not necessarily translate into a customer experience. Since consumption is not necessarily limited to the act of purchase, the brand experience can be considered as a broader and slightly different concept. A consumer can forge an image of the brand through marketing and advertising solicitations to which  marketing brand activation Singapore he is subjected, through a visit to a website or point of sale.

marketing brand activation SingaporeExperiential marketing at the service of culture

Experiential is also revolutionizing the cultural milieu. The exhibitions evolve for some in this direction to the delight of visitors eager for new experiences.

The influence of virtual reality

A true ally of experiential marketing, virtual reality, long considered a mere gadget, is shaking up the codes of marketing where interactivity and customer loyalty matter.

Whether you are a customer-obsessed, early-adopter, influencer, art lover, consumer or simply curious, the customer experience remains at the center of every concern.